The pit. The last few weeks have landed me back in. Not sure why? Or may be I do know why?

It’s this COVID thingy. It’s not going away. The government won’t tell us how long we are going to be locked down for. There’s no certainty anymore.

Our numbers are stabilising. Fingers crossed it will head downwards. Because of the aged care home fiasco the army has stepped in and moved them out into the hospital setting.

Which means they have had to free up acute beds and the only way to do that was to suspend electives again.

One good thing work will be quiet again. Bad thing is I’ll have to wear a mask at work and every time I go out of my place. I hate it so much. I know it’s for the better good. makes me feel claustrophobic.

As for me? I’m bored stiff. I’m stuck at a stale mate. I don’t know what I want to do next?

Do I look for a job? In this climate when so many people are looking for one?

Do I look for a course to study? Do I look for a project?

I need to think of something soon before I go mad. Been so down I spent the last two days just sleeping the day off. What is there to do? Except eat, sleep and eat? I just feel tired all the time.

Not sure when I’ll see Mr Wanderer again. I was going to pop by his place tonight but he was out at his sister’s. So I went home.

He’s been very distant lately not sure why? May be he’s got a lot on his mind? Anyhow will let him be. I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted.