More Port photos. I walked yesterday. What is there to do except walk? It was a beautiful day.

I did my one hour walk along the beach.

How cute?

I kind of cheated.

I had an appointment in East Melbourne so I caught a tram to Flinders to grab some KFC. Then walked some more.

A fairy garden!

Bulbs in Fitzroy Gardens.

I think this one will be blooming soon.

Home after grabbing take away for the kids. It was a bit weird being the only one in the whole carriage. Considering it was about 5:30pm-6:00pm.

I was very happy yesterday. The gynae was like it’s just normal cells. So no cancer scare for me. Thankful.

I’m aiming to eat less and exercise more. I’m getting a bit round.

Mr Wanderer introduced me to his bands last night.

I was listening to them and thought ummmm I think I’ll take the 5th.