The days just blends into one long monotonous day!

I try to find joy in the little things like a nice meal! Sorting out my apartment. Doing little bits and pieces for Mr Wanderer.

Our once vibrant city is now reduced to empty shopping centres!

It’s so very sad.

Empty! Devoid!

I found a new street art! I think! It’s been that long!

The beautiful gardens. I met up with my high school friend to go for a walk. Fitzroy Gardens was in the middle and within our 5km zone.

The walk was spoilt by the presence of police. More police than walkers. Not only that horse floats! Helicopters above! What has Melbourne become? A communist/dictatorship state?

My lunch on Saturday!

Saturday’s dinner with the kids. I made heaps so took away some for us.

Found Mr Wanderer having a bath with a glass of wine near by. He looked hilarious stretched out with his legs up since he has a tiny bath.

Anyhow I ended up feeding him the casserole and the other half he popped up the freezer for another meal.