I was worried my plants might get stolen as not sure if they popped them inside the building or not.

Came home to find of course not!! They didn’t read my instructions. The plants were outside not inside. I quickly counted and my plants were all there.

I didn’t know how big they were 😩 I think I ordered them too big?

Have always wanted a Magnolia and for good measure I also ordered a cherry tree 😂 The plants will have to stay in pots.

Lots of succulents and whatever else. I’m going to share them with Mr Wanderer.

The little bushy grass one is called little Panda. I’m trying to bring texture into my courtyard.

I had left overs tonight. Wonton noodles I made for Mr Wanderer the other night minus the roast pork and charsiu.

My next bit is to buy one of these. Found a supplier in Melbourne. They actually offered free delivery. I went there to collect my pebbles when I saw these.

They also had this one! I think I want the other one now to add height!

Will have to ring them up again to order. This court yard is costing me a mint 😩

Oh well guess that’s why I go to work. To earn money to then spend it 😂

I’ll need more pebbles too. Don’t think 3 bags are going to be enough unless I only pebble one area.

For now I’d better head to bed! It’s been a very long day.