Of a day.

It started out well enough.

I lowered the handle bars for my friend. I knew her from Geelong. She used to work on the next floor up.

Her bike got stolen awhile back so me trying to sort out my storage offered her the bike.

It fitted her perfectly. She was rapt and gave me some money for it. I only wanted to take $50 as a token but she wouldn’t let me so I took $100 out of the $150 she had for me.

Since she had no storage cage where she lives I quickly went back inside and gave her the bike rack as well.

She sent me the photo above to say thank you.

I loved her bright helmet so I got one for myself to match my little bell! It was too cute to resist.

Anyhow after that things went downhill. My magnolia tree was diseased yet they sold it to me 😩 not happy at all. I spent quite awhile getting rid of the leaves and giving it a spray of fungicide. Here is hoping it works.

I proceeded to sand back my island bench and made it worse with scratches. I couldn’t oil until I can find a finer grit sand paper to sand it back again😩

So then I went on to my next task of assembling my water feature. Well it wasn’t my day for getting stuff done was it?

The pump had enough cord to go to the power point. That was a plus! Until I opened up my water feature.

Yes and they still sent the crap to me! I’ve since emailed the mob to complain. Here is hoping they will exchange or refund??

After that I gave up. No point pursuing anything else. What a crappy day. Everything was just too difficult.

I did planted two more into pots. I need more pots.

Before I forget here is the recipe for the beef casserole for Marty and Boo. It’s very easy.


4-5 cloves of garlic (sliced)

1-2 stalks of lemon grass (sliced)

4-5 bay leaves

2-3 tomatoes (cut into wedges)

2kg oyster blade/gravy beef (cut into bite sizes)

1.5kg- 2kg carrots (sliced)

1 jar of Lee Kum Kee black bean and garlic sauce. Buy the small jar not the big one.

Sautee the garlic with some oil. Add in the beef, sauce and tomatoes. Once browned add in everything else except the carrots.

Add water just to cover the meat and simmer with lid on for about 45-60 minutes. Meat should be tender enough for fork to poke through easily. (I’ve been leaving the meat for an hour)

Add in the carrots and more water. Simmer covered for about 30-45 minutes until the carrots are tender.

No need for sugar or salt to taste as the sweetness of the carrots balances out the sauce.

Serve with noodles, lettuce , cucumber, mint, coriander or with some warm bread rolls and fried eggs for breakfast.

Dipping sauce for the meat is just salt and pepper with a squeeze of lime/lemon.

I’ve been using oyster blades lately as they are easy to find. And yummy to eat.