Brighter! We only had 11 new cases today! And our 14 days average is 30 something!

I got yummy dessert on Friday! Yummy rum baba.

Managed to finish my two pieces. Up to the little cupboard with the Weber now. I did 1 coat this morning.

My oldest made cheesecake! She made 3! As it was her boyfriend’s birthday!

I got them sushi for dinner for Saturday.

3 platters in all. 2 of this one. Lucky I ordered early as when I went to pick it up there was a 2 hours wait time 😂

And a fruit platter. All cut up ready to go. A bit expensive but what the heck. Their dad is paying me rent so I can afford to splurge😂

On my pre-dinner walk with my son since I didn’t have to cook.

That’s him there in his daggy sandals . He told me he doesn’t care how he dressed as we are in lockdown.

Hopscotch anyone? Yes we have to provide our own amusement since we are still locked down for another 5 weeks!

A beautiful sunset last night when I got back home.

Tomorrow I can fluff around as the kids wanted ramen from their favourite ramen place and well they deliver to our area on Tuesday only.

Whilst I was at it I ordered a bowl each for mum and dad as well!

I love treating my parents with yummy food!