My kids called this the silver lining of COVID. Being locked down doesn’t mean having to miss out.

Our ramen came complete with instructions

They had one for the microwave method as well! If you’re not home they ask you to leave an Esky out!

Talk about being organised!

It was yum! The kids added corn kernels, roasted seaweed and blanched bean shoots to theirs. I kept mine bland and only added the bean shoots.

Mr Wanderer finally installed it. I love my new pot rack😍

My cherry tree blossomed!

I told Mr Wanderer can’t wait til lock down is over. That way the kids can come to dinner. And he can come too! His reply..that’s scary.

I told my youngest and she replied he’d better be as I’ve got high standards and I’m not going to like him if he’s a poo poo.

Then at dinner the kids were discussing what’s worse? Poo head or bum hole? Apparent they are as bad as each other since bum hole sprouts poo 😩

I asked Mr Wanderer before if he’s scared. He was like nah 😂