It’s freezing and raining cats and dogs. We’ve had an Antartic blast. It’s going to be like this all weekend.

I’ve got a good mind of going home. At the moment I’m in Mr Wanderer’s caravan. He’s in a teleconference thus can’t open his shed’s door. It’s locked and dark in there.

I was like what the heck? No lights? Anyhow he’s just told me it’s 25 minutes to go.

I rang just before 3pm. He abruptly said good bye to log on. He told me it’s an hour and a half!

Thus after I picked up my stuff I drove to his place to use the loo. Luckily the side gate was opened.

Then I left to go do groceries. Whilst at it grabbed us dinner.

My bench this morning after sanding away my scratches. I sanded with the P240. Worked a charm. Only realised you can’t sand in a circular motion but you have to sand with the grains.

A few hours later..

Then after oiling it.

I’m very happy with it. Most of the water stains have been sanded out. If you don’t know you wouldn’t know where they were.

The oil smells a bit so that’s why I’ve made an escape.

I’ve managed to put the pebbles down. 3 bags didn’t go very far! Thus had to buy another 9 and 5 stepping stones. Costed me an arm and a leg. And that’s only to pebble probably 1/2 of the court yard. At $33 for a 20kg bag it’s adding up.

This time around I got smarter. The 9 bags are smaller pebbles 😩

Since the pebbles place is near his place I thought I’d pop in for a visit. Bad timing on my part. Not his fault. He’s a busy man.