In progress.

That was with 3 bags of pebbles!

I still don’t know what to to with the wine barrel? The pump works. Now where to place it?

I’ve still got another 3 stepping stones to bring up. Gosh they are heavy! I don’t know if I want to work anymore on the court yard today. May be wait til tomorrow when Mr Wanderer can help me. My right arm is a bit sore from all the sanding.

My bench is now functional again. I’ve been told I have too much cookware for a single person. Well I do cook for Mr Wanderer and the kids when they come for dinner.

It’s my one vice! I’m not into clothes or make up or jewellery but I love my cookware 😍

Last night I was frustrated as. Just after 5pm he texted me to say I can come in now. I asked him is the door open?

Then it was like he was trying to brush me off. He said he’s still busy til 6pm. So if I wanted to stay I’d better be quiet whilst he makes a few calls. He did give me cuddles whilst at it.

We were standing in front of his grandma’s old heater as it was freezing in the shed.

After the few calls he wanted to go to Bunnings to grab clamps for his friend so he could get his good clamps back.

We had dinner after that. And I left.

I texted him to say I’m home. Didn’t get a reply. By 9:30pm I was knackered. So I texted again to say sweet dreams.

I was surprised when he rang. We talked some more. The plan was if it’s not going to rain tonight I can come over after the kids and we’ll make a fire outside to burn off some of his wood and sleep in the caravan.

The poor thing has been sleeping in the caravan for the last week. It’s because his housemate has had the kids all week.

Thus he’s been either locked up in his shed or in his caravan. He says it’s like camping/going away.

He remarked he’s got a funny life. Me? I think your life is what you make of it!