Au Vin

In other words drunken chicken. It tasted better today as left overs.

Yes the chicken drank the whole bottle! I did follow the recipe and bought a nice wine! Costed $20 for the Chardonnay!

The ingredients costed more than the chicken itself. My 6 pieces of Maryland costed about $20.

About 6 served if with bread! Or else 8-9 serves with rice and vegies.

The fire last night. It was a beauty. Then we slept in the caravan.

This morning he took me for a walk for a coffee. Only to find out it’s to his friend’s place. He had to help him with the fence. He assured me it’s a 5 minutes job that turned out to be a lot more.

My job was to go grab us our coffees whilst the guys worked on the fence.

I felt kind of jibbed as last night he was on a teleconference to his family. This morning with his friend.

Hardly what I called quality time. Tonight he has decided to stay home to catch up on work. Instead of having dinner with me.

Can’t seem to shake it off. Feels like I have to share him around. His family, his friends or his work.

I don’t know if I want to long term? Mr Boardie advised may be he suits for now? See how I go? May be he’s not a long term candidate?

“You do keep evaluating it…. like it’s not completely right”.

I’m just sad thinking about it. That I’m not worth his time?