Ex brought up my rates on Saturday. It’s been going to the old place. I need to change my address.

The rates are calculated at $0.037xNAV or so called net annual value!

Mine comes to about 1.1K that’s including the fire service levy. It’s expensive considering I’m in a one bedroom apartment.

The council is rolling in it! All of our rates as Port is full of apartments.

Our curfew has been lifted not so our 5Km radius. Mr Foot in mouth messages me last night asking me if I want to swap addresses 😂 He loves to fish except he’s too far! Told him to risk it. He just have to be on his push bike. Go into the city and then through the bike trail. No cops on the trail.

He replied I can’t as if they ask to see my fishing licence I’m stuffed.

I have got an address that’s envied as my 5km bubble has a lot going. I’ve got all the gardens in the CBD, the CBD (Central business district) itself, South Melbourne Market, Chapel St, Prahan,St Kilda and of course Port where I reside.

The only thing I need is probably Richmond or Footscray which has the Viet restaurants that I want to go visit.

I scored three boxes yesterday. One is durian. I bought it for my ex as he loves it.

I still need to open them up and switch the combo around. My parents will get the delightful series minus the Pandan and in place a durian.

I’ll switch my mixed nuts for a durian as well.

That way ex won’t have just the durian. He loves mixed nuts too.

My dinner last night. Fish fillet laksa from a Laksa place in the city.

Not sure when Mr Wanderer will be here today. I’m not going to wait for him. Apparently he had to fix up his demonstration videos for work and he can’t do it at my place as I don’t have wifi.

I made the call when I was budgeting last year to just pay $60 a month for my phone and use it to hotspot to my laptop. I always have heaps of gigs left. No point getting wifi.

Now I’m not sure. He uses his days with me calling clients. He can’t work very effectively when he’s with me.

Anyhow I’m not going to subscribe to something I have no use for. That money can go elsewhere.

Feels like I’m second in line again. Can’t shake it off. Am I that needy? Ex made me felt like that and now Mr Wanderer too.

Do I need to change my way of thinking? My friend tells me she always keeps herself busy. Her husband is a busy man. She says if she sat around waiting for him she’ll end up resenting him.

I chatted to Mr Boardie last night. He said what do I expect dating an independent person? He likes spending time with you but he doesn’t need you.

I guess lockdown is doing my head in. Normally I’m quite happy to go do my own thing and it’s nice to be by myself.

Lockdown makes me think too much. It’s no good.

On the bright side we only had 5 new cases today. Our lockdown is now due to be over on the 19th of October. The health minister has resigned. Since the premier threw her under the bus! I wonder who else will follow suit?