My sorrows. I caught the tram into the city to grab some KFC.

On the way I rang him and it went to his message bank. Tried ringing again and the same. So I left him a message saying I’m off to the city to drown my sorrows with some KFC. And then may be go find a new boyfriend who’s more appreciative of my pot belly.

He rang back whilst I was in KFC. I let it all off my chest. How yesterday’s morning his friend took his time. Then he cancelled out dinner on me. How this morning he was going to come over and ended up not.

To make matters worse he told me his boss has been busting his balls yet this morning he had time to go for a walk and coffee with his friend.

Told him no more excuses. He’s got to put in more effort! And that means grabbing dinner tonight as I’m not cooking.

On top of that he needs to get me a bunch of flowers as well.

He thinks it’s hilarious. I think it’s because I’ve been too accommodating. Enough is enough.

Near our football ground.

On path back from the city

Tram depot.

Feeling better now after some KFC and a Magnum ice of my favourites with Almonds