Guess I’ve fallen hard for him. We watched Western Stars last night and there was a fast..fall hard.

He commented..fall hard hurts! I was like yes it hurts but I’d rather fall hard! It’s the only way.

I wonder why he’d said that? Too many relationships not ending up anywhere?

He helped me with moving the wine barrel today.

I didn’t get any flowers. He did buy me dinner though. He rode to my place and he sent me a message to ask me what I wanted to eat. I texted him back the menu of a Japanese restaurant.

As soon as he came over he wanted to help me pop the pebbles down. I told him not tonight. Please just help me bring the pebbles and the stepping stone to the court yard.

Anyhow we made up. I can’t stay upset at him for long. He made me laugh. How can you laugh and stay upset?

He told me I can choose the movie last night since I’m out of sort. I replied I’m only out of sort because of you.