I’m still recovering from yesterday’s onslaught. The hospital was mad! They had about 50 cases for surgery.

It was mad mad mad. More busier than usual since they are trying to catch up. I was stuffed. Scripts flying left right and centre, phones ringing whilst trying to supervise my intern.

He made quite a few mistakes yesterday which I had to go and redo.

From the hospital coordinator we are going to get busier as we will soon accept neurology patients from the public sector. As they too are trying to clear their back log of electives.

It’s going to be awful! I don’t know how I’ll cope. There’s only one of me!

I had quite a few dream fragments last night. One where I was kissing my ex then I thought twice and stopped. Because that was being unfaithful to Mr Wanderer.

The other was going out with a guy that adored me and wanted to marry me. He was very loving.

Funny thing was it wasn’t Mr Wanderer and that he was Asian. And it ended when I ran my hand through his hair and found dandruff and heaps of it. And scales on his body. And that he liked gaming.

Anyhow, not sure what it means. Just weird dreams. As I’m over my ex and I have fallen for Mr Wanderer.

My heart says one thing. My head is fighting it. It keeps on coming up with excuses. May be I’m just insecure or scared or both of making another mistake.