Yes I’ve been quite slack! Just haven’t felt like doing much.

Thursday night I drove to Mr Wanderer’s for a booty call. Then left on Friday morning. He was quite dismissive of me that morning. Made me felt bad for popping by. He said he’s very busy. But had a 10am walk with a work colleague.

Then on Saturday night we met near the kids’ place for a walk. He told me he wanted to give his housemate some privacy as he had a girl over!

Oh and that he had a 60km bike ride with his mate at 9:30am. Which meant I had to make myself scarce!

So there were two options. I follow him back to his place and spend the night in the caravan as no way is he going to go into the house! It also meant outdoor shower/peeing onto the lawn.

Or we could drive to my place and he leaves early in the morning.

He was like I live a funny life. It’s my house but it doesn’t feel like it. He acknowledged the situation but he doesn’t seem to want to change it!

I didn’t know what to say! Sunday was our day. We don’t do much. Just odd jobs around his place but it’s nice just spending time together.

Anyhow so I followed him back to his place. We ate ice cream and watched a documentary about Conquering Mt Everest and we slept in the caravan.

I was all prepared to go home at 9am. Woke up teary again. Though I hid it.

He woke up and we did the deed. After that he told me he’s changed his mind and cancelled his mate’s ride.

In the end we spent the day together. Just pottering in the back yard. He cooked lunch and I went home after that. He went on his bike ride with his mate.

I left and not like usual I didn’t say anything about meeting for dinner. Just said see you later and left it at that.

He texted me at 5:30pm to say he’ll ring me soon. I thought to myself here goes!

Was really surprised when he rang and asked if I needed him to bring anything for dinner?

Today he asked me what I wanted to drink for morning tea. Toasted my bread for me for lunch.

May be there’s hope!

I rode to the market on Thursday!

Trump made it to our front page!

Scallops wraps with mango dressing for the kids’ dinner on Saturday. Didn’t turn out too great! The scallops were too wet so the paprika flour mix that I used usually for the prawns or salmon didn’t hold properly.

Strawberries cheese cake I made for yesterday’s dinner. Tried out a recipe my eldest got from YouTube! Though she swapped the proportions over. Just 500g cream cheese and 600ml of thickened cream. Instead of the other way around.