I think there must be a balance. I tend to spoil my men and then I feel like I’m the only one giving. I don’t give them a chance to give?

May be that’s why? This weekend I experimented.

Usually on Saturday when I buy groceries to cook for the kids I buy for us too. This time I didn’t. I only bought a fruit platter but no meat.

On Sunday he asked me what would I like for lunch? And off he went shopping. He came back with burgers which he cooked on the BBQ and I made a salad with what he bought.

On Sunday night before he came over he asked me if I wanted him to bring something for dinner?

I told him no but it was really sweet that he asked.

Last night was the same. I had some left over beef and he was happy for me to bulk it up with lots of vegies and make it into a stir fry.

Thus he went to grab some bok choy and onion to add to the vegies I had. He came back with some mandarins and another big box of Just Right as well.

I gave it back to him to bring home as he was running out and I still had plenty from the week before that he bought.

I thanked him for getting groceries in bed and he replied it’s nothing. I was like it’s nice. And it’s not the big things..it’s the little things that matters.

Found a new one!

I made dinner for the kids! Pork ribs and prawns rice noodle soup. The broth was from a few months worth of prawn heads that I’ve saved up! As good as the one we ate in Singapore.