Can’t sleep. My eyes are swollen from crying. I rang Mr Wanderer before. He kept me waiting again.

Anyhow was upset at him. Some days I think I’d rather be his friend. He treats his friends much better than his girl friends.

Found out his aunty just passed. His neighbour very depressed and his housemate keeps on chatting.

We talked. I told him he’s a really nice guy and that’s a fact. BUT he sure knows how to make a girl feel awful.

He’s warned me when we first dated that he puts his friends before his girl friends and he’s lost a few of them because of that. And he also told me he learns from his mistakes. I’d hoped!

I’ve said I love you and he hasn’t said it back. He told me tonight it takes a lot before he’ll say it.

He did say sorry. I think he doesn’t realise it sometimes. He’s like a lovable scoundrel.

I’ll see him tomorrow night or rather tonight since it’s now past 1am.

Relationships are hard!!! I seriously was considering giving him some space. And call the relationship off.

I was always second best with my ex. And now I feel like am an after thought.

I rang him at around 10:50pm. Went to message bank. At around 1215am he texted to say he’s talking to his housemate and will ring me soon. That soon didn’t eventuate til 12:45am. Another text message.

I then rang him as I wanted to talk. I needed to hear what he had to say.

Tonight my classmate asked me to come to Cairns to visit him. He told me the offer is still there. I know what he’s after! He’s after sex so the answer was no. And even if I go up there I’ll never put myself in a compromising position.

Then Mr UK asked me when I’ll come to Brisbane? Told him nope since I can’t trust him. Well more like yes I’ll come to Brisbane but I won’t visit you. I know him too well. He’ll do anything to get me into bed with him. Last time he was nearly successful. Nearly. Nothing happened. I stood my ground!