Not sure what’s going on? I’m unsure of myself. I rang him last night to warn him am a few minutes away.

When I got there I saw the text “on phone to sister. You here? ” I replied yes just parked.

When I rang the door bell he came with no phone in his hand. When I got in I asked him. Thought you were on the phone? I was …but you come first. His housemate laughed. Calling him a smooth operator.

Hmmmm. We don’t sleep spooning anymore. We just hold hands.

This morning we got up and he was like we slept in again and quickly got up and got to work. No sex, no cuddles.

We groceries shopped and had lunch together. He was like I’m starving. So I suggested he looks after the sausages and I’ll sort out the salad. We work well together.

His project! An upcycle bench seat. The frames he got from a hard rubbish pile.

He painted today since I suck at painting. He paints faster than me. I only did the undercoat.

I weeded today. Before I left I gave him the induction frying pans. I bought them cheap on sale. They were 55% off. They match his saucepan.

He told me they are too nice for his shed and that he’s not going to be living in the shed for too long? I was like ummm from the look of things you’ll be living in it for a long while.

He was like you buy me stuff all the time. Me..I buy stuff for everyone all the time. What’s the point of having money if you can’t spend it on the people that you love?

He felt bad that I help him all the time. This morning he said you don’t have to be here if you’ve got something else to do?

I’m here because I want to spend time with you? My stuff? I do on the days I’m not with you? Plus every time you say feels like you’re pushing me away.

I didn’t expect him tonight. Still..a bit disappointed. Would have been nice but i knew better. He sent me a text before saying he’s had a few to drink so won’t be driving anywhere and that he can’t wait to use the frying pans.