I went walkies with my new friend on Saturday. She was like if he’s not it let him go. It’s hard but…

The thing is I can see he’s not right but I can’t seem to let him go. I’m in too deep.

I made Moroccan chicken. It was yummy. It was off a recipe on the internet.

This afternoon cuddling him for a nap I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. It felt so nice.

He confused me. I was like ummmm how did they put fish roe in the cake? Only figured it out this morning.

His sister must have popped the cake into the container so there’s no fish roe.

She gave it to him and he regifted it to me.

The cake tasted a bit dry but he loved it so I let him eat the most of it. He told me when he’s stressed out he eats.

I had to take photos of the rails for the flyscreen people for a quote. I’ve asked them for 2 quotes. One for just one door and one for both.

He’s since gone home as he has an early meeting tomorrow plus he needed a screen and desk to do his CAD work tonight.

I was like go! It’s okie. I don’t want you around if you’re going to be grumpy as. Plus after all it’s work.

The other side of me felt sad. No use holding on to someone who doesn’t want to be around.