Where did my 4 years go? I started this blog to have somewhere to write. My little hidey hole.

It was a rough time in my life. Moved back home from Geelong. Job was gone. I resigned! I loved that job and all of my colleagues with an exception of a few lol.

My marriage was in trouble and well 4 years later I’m now divorced. Have since found a job that I like even though it’s only part-time and also a side gig as a tour guide.

As for relationship side of things I’m unsure but will see? Can always start again? I mean nothing lasts forever right?

I’m drawing up plans for Mr Wanderer if he ever gets around to renovating his bathroom.

He’s got a bath/shower combo at the moment and tiles are falling off the wall.

He’s got mould on his ceilings and well his floors has seen better days.

Anyhow we were talking about it the other day and I told him look if anything needs doing it’s your bathroom. It doesn’t matter if you rent the house out or sell it the bathroom needs fixing.

I’ve drawn up 3 plans. His bathroom is 1800mm by 2200mm.

1/ pocket door to master. Smaller shower and vanity.

2/ block main door and pocket doors to both bedrooms (Jack and Jill) and bigger vanity and shower.

He can block as he’s building a second shower in the back to service guests and the third bedroom.

3/ keep main door and no pocket door to master.

I’m off to go walkies. Getting fat and lazy. No use moping around.

He’s busy and I just have to accept that or move on with someone new.