My sandals arrived. I always buy the same brand. They fit me pretty good. And a 36 is quite hard to find.

A laugh for a Tuesday. Cartoons from the papers today. The premier just lost his right hand man! That’s two he’s thrown under the bus.

The opposition has played its no confidence motion card. If voted in their favour it will dissolve parliament and we will go to an early election. I doubt it will do any good! They have to get the cross benchers to agree and also some of the premier’s party to cross the floor. Which makes it hard since the premier’s party is majority.

We will hear if we are allowed out this weekend. NSW has more new cases than us and yet they are free. It’s beyond ridiculous now.

Dinner I made for the kids.

2 bags of pickled mustard.

500g of roast pork

1/2 a roast duck

2 boxes of tofu which I deep fried.

Kikkoman soy

One pot wonder! Chuck everything into the pot add water to just cover and simmer lid on until meat is tender. About half an hour.

Above is the usual recipe. Tonight I popped in an extra box of tofu and about another 300g of roast pork.

My youngest noticed straight away. She was like mum it’s not as sour 😩 told her I rinsed the mustard. Plus had extra meat and tofu.

She was like why didn’t you put more mustard in? I was like didn’t know you like them?

My kids are like Masterchef critics 😩

Rang Mr Wanderer just before. He’s like I’ll ring you back. Just about to eat. That’s why I don’t ring him. Most time I then have to wait for him to ring back. It’s been nearly an hour? Still haven’t heard from him.