I rang him and he’s about to eat! So waited near an hour later he still hasn’t ring so I rang him again!

This time he’s like oh I’ve just finished dinner..having a drink with E and we are about to watch a movie?? I was going to ring you?

So when were you going to ring me? After I wash my dishes? In half an hour?

I was like in 20 minutes? Him 28? Me Nope 15?

I’ve rang you twice? That’s why I don’t ring you because you always say you’ll ring me back? It’s like 8/10 times you do that.

He was like I do? Me..Yes

Anyhow in the end he relented and stayed on the phone! He told me he’s turning over a new leaf! I hope so as my patience is running thin.

We talked about our day. We’ve both had a crappy day. He said I should have come over for cuddles as he can’t give me cuddles when I’m not there.

I told him I didn’t know if he had to go see his client or not. Plus he’s busy. I don’t want to come over and feel unwanted.

He’s gone to wash the dishes now..I need to sleep as got work tomorrow and the hospital is going to be crazy crazy. I dread every Wednesday now.