Yesterday on my walk.

Lunch today to make up for the fish and chips last night. He wanted sandwiches.

My red flags are waving like mad. Last night he got mad at me. I suggested fish and chips for dinner. He told me that’s a great idea.

Not so great when he turned up late. Then showered. Then wore thongs assuming we were going to another fish and chips.

He was annoyed with me saying his knee hurts (from his cycling) and I was making him walk. We had to wait for 45 minutes for the fish and chips.

I did bring a blanket and we found a bench to sit down. The sunset was lovely. Not so his mood. He told me he should have finished his chores since we had to wait anyway for the fish and chips. And that it was too cold for fish and chips.

I was thinking well if you’d come early it wouldn’t have been cold. And if you’d worn shoes you wouldn’t have to walk in thongs 😩 and it’s not my fault you assumed it’s Bay St and not the one at the pier?

He was angry at me again today for wanting sex. For wanting cuddles. He told me reality check. People have to work.

Not sure if I want to go to his place tomorrow morning. What’s the point? I don’t want to be where I’m not wanted.

It’s a public holiday and even though everything is opened it feels like he doesn’t want to do anything except work on his house.

Next Monday he’ll take off again.

Dinner tonight. My first sit down dinner. So nice to be able to eat out.

Melbourne is back. People enjoying themselves with afternoon drinks after work.

Only difference is people wearing masks.