Our last morning we spent trying to find somewhere for him to work. No luck.

So we drove into town.

The community board. Love them. Only see them in regional towns.

And of course my favourite, the old churches.

The town hall.

A telegraph station.

Another old church.

Loved the rustic look.

I can take photos of churches all day.

The old pharmacy

An old mustang

War relics

Love this installation

It goes around the corner to a garden.

The map of the town.

I spent half the morning wandering around their art gallery. Then the other half exploring the town.

We were supposed to meet for coffee but ended up meeting for lunch at Saff.

I sent him the menu and he was like okie.

I had the burger and he had the healthy chicken and avocado 😂 we ended up sharing our meals as his was bland as and mine was yummy 😂

After lunch we went to pick up my painting. Yes I splurged!

Then he popped me to the station and I went home on the train.

From Castlemaine it takes an hour and a half to Melbourne.

We were half an hour early thus we went back to the caravan. I left him with a cuppa and some banana bread for his afternoon tea and off I went.

Was worried if I’d missed the train it’s another hour to the next one.