Melbourne wrapped up

Christmas is coming whether you like it or not!

I made a card for Mr Wanderer! I think I know what he wants for Christmas!

A lane I didn’t know existed! I’ll have to go exploring another day!

Queues to see the Myer Christmas windows. It went around the block.

See where the Myer sign is? That’s where the displays are!

Thank goodness I went with my cousin a few weeks back! This year’s theme is about the Pandemic

Love the horses! I sent the photo to Mr Wanderer. The horses have bike lights on their tails!

My surprise this morning! My intern’s mum baked!

My tech brought in goodies. I brought the cheesecake. I was so full I couldn’t contemplate dinner.

The department was decorated!

I ended up having vegetarian Bibimbap. I wanted something plain but healthy.

One thing good about COVID is ordering food! No more grubby menus! Just order and pay online and the food comes out!

Mr Wanderer is out with his kinder friend. Tomorrow not only is he taking me and my plants to mum and dad’s, he’s also taking me out to lunch!

What an extra nice surprise! I think I need to be more assertive in saying what I want. Like a friend said to me don’t ever hint! Men don’t get it. Just tell them straight!

Looks like it’s working!