Merry Christmas everyone! I’m having a quiet one by myself. Sleeping in and having left overs from yesterday.

My family celebrates on Christmas Eve.

The kids outdone themselves. I got this lovely bunch of flowers.

A milk frother for my coffees. And a gift voucher to a fine dining French restaurant called Phillipe.

They figured since I couldn’t get to Paris they would bring me to French food instead.

As for Mr Wanderer he’s outdone himself too.

We had lunch by the waters at the Baths in Brighton. He then helped me with the plants to my parents.

He got introduced to my mum since dad was napping.

And he had a birthday card for me with gift vouchers to 3 stores. The kids reckoned he didn’t spend much thought on it.

I think he kind of did! He got me a voucher to a Jeans store! And a fitness clothing store! 😂 The bulk of it went to a department store 😂

He’s spoilt me!

I hope he liked my pressie.

Apart from what I popped in I added a fly swatter! A bar of chocolate! And a nice bottle of port! That way he can celebrate with his family.