I’m contributing to VLine, our regional train service.

I’ve been on it quite a bit since I’ve known him.

He’s having lunch at his brother’s. Then we will go caravanning.

He actually went home from my parents’ place the other day to ditch the trailer and grab his caravan.

I was like you’ve got 2 caravans? Didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

This morning before I left I’ve popped the rack back on the wall. The holes are filled and painted. As I made a booboo with the two holes I drilled.

Also had to travel with my suit bag this time since he’s giving me a lift from his place to the hospital on Wednesday.

My uniform tops won’t crumple but my pants will since they are dress pants.

Since I was early I went shopping. The DFO or direct factory outlet is attached to the station.

Managed to buy 3 pairs of linen shorts for $20 each. One in each colour.

Now that I’m single I find myself buying new clothes and morphing into my own easy style. Mostly linen flowy dresses. Who says one can’t look good at 50?