Again. I went to work on Wednesday after a quick breakfast at his place. Whilst I was at work he washed my clothes and undies and grabbed groceries.

I was shocked! Like what man washes clothes for a woman?

Our little camping site in Buxton. Pity we got there late and mossies everywhere. We gave up and had dinner inside after beers and cherries.

We went hiking in the Cathedral ranges the next day. It’s a beautiful place with lots of walks you can do depending on how fit you are!

We did the river walk as we were worried about our dodgy knees thus no climbing!

You can camp there as well! It was fully booked when he tried to book.

our little spot for morning tea.

The camera can’t capture the beauty of it all

He’s very good! He spotted this lyrebird.

After lunch we headed off to Alexandra. This is a swimming hole in Taggerty.

Camping at Brookes-Cutting before heading into town for dinner.

Our New Year Eve feast! Lamb shank and a chicken Parmi.

And drinks

We got kicked out of the Corner pub at 9:42pm! So we headed back to the Shamrock for more drinks! At $4 a beer and opening late everyone goes there.

Our dinner was okie! Could be better! Though the locals prefers the Corner Hotel for meals.

I ended up driving the Ute again. Every time he drinks I had to drive. I’m getting better. I can do turns and U turns now with the caravan in tow.

The Corner Hotel has nice meals!

Love this building!

We went cycling yesterday and ended up at the Grant St Grocer for coffee and ended up staying for lunch.

I had an iced Latte with a scoop of ice cream! He had his usual iced Long black. Their Thai salad was really nice. My calamari was a bit salty.

Home Alternative

After lunch we left for Melbourne via Yarra Glen for a cuppa and a break.

We grabbed groceries along the way and had dinner at his before he drove me home.

I’m pottering at home now then will head out to grab groceries.

As for Mr Wanderer he’s left to go home to do his chores. He’s coming back later for dinner.

It’s been a lovely trip away. Lots of memories made. Mr Wanderer continues to surprise me! In a nice way!

He’ll head off for Bendigo in a few days. To spend time with his family then on to Echuca for a Baptism.

I’m staying put to catch up with my kids and also to sort out my car. It should be ready on Friday fingers crossed!