We were in the Ranges when I received a message from my kinder mum group. Apparently we had cases.

The last three days we’ve had 3 cases each day. Came from NSW! Thus masks are now back on.

Mr Wanderer has been busy. This was his trailer load to go with him last night.

As for me I’ve had no such luck. The fly screen people came to measure this morning. Apparently they don’t have anywhere to hang the retractible screen to! The old man rang the mob and whoever on the other side suggested that the screen goes on the inside!

What a load of bull crap! How the hell am I supposed to open my doors? No common sense!

As it’s wet and dreary I’ve taken myself to Ikea. Need to walk off all of my indulgences. Had a Viet bread roll and now on my way back to the city to collect my calendar.

I rang them this morning and they couldn’t find it! They suggested I rang their 1300 number. The 1300 lady told me they should have received it on 30/12/20.

Anyhow here goes! Hope it’s there. Hope it looks good too. I’ve made it with photos I took of sceneries and my 3 kids.

I’m dressed up ready to go. Part of me don’t really like fine dining. I hate dressing up!