To report! The screen people came out twice to quote!

In the end I had to compromise. The screen will now be secured inside and pleated! Not the design I wanted but there wasn’t much option to choose from since my sliders are inside out!

Anyhow at least it’s cheaper! Only 1.4K as opposed to >2K.

After that I was feeling bluey so took myself to an open for inspection.

Another one with a car stacker so no go! Not only that the living area is very long and narrow. Don’t think it’s worth the 700K-770K price tag! Especially when it’s on level 1.

There was one advertised just recently with 2 bathrooms on level 4 for the same price range!

Mr Wanderer rang me early today! He said he’d better!

I’ve been going to bed really early just to waste time. I shouldn’t but lately not up to anything. Covid I think got the better of me. Can’t seem to find my mojo.

Been trying to do 10,000 steps or more each day. My Fitbit is good. It tells me when I’ve reached my goal!

One good thing I get my car back tomorrow! And my son passed his drivers! Makes it two good things.