It was 38C today or around 100F. We’ve had worse so it’s not our hottest day. When it gets hot it gets around 42-43C (110F)

Central Victoria get higher temperatures than us. The highest recorded of Mildura was around 50-51C (123F)

I think I’ve lost my mojo! Either that or COVID fatigued.

Feeling quite down and don’t really want to do anything. Doesn’t help that I haven’t seen Mr Wanderer since last Monday.

It’s only been a week and I’m already pining! I hate it as we spend so much time together on our trip and then to be yanked apart again. Missing him.

I had to make myself put on my Fitbit this morning to continue with my goal of 10,000 steps every day.

I did get a lot done. I picked up my glasses, mailed away paperwork for VCAT as my hearing is coming up.

I also picked up my car! It was a scary drive back as there were cars everywhere.

They rang me on Friday saying they were waiting for parts! And that my car wasn’t going to be ready til tomorrow! As the supplier only do two deliveries a week! And the next delivery was due this afternoon!

I told them off! Don’t you check your deliveries? You’ve had my car for 4 weeks and on the day I’m supposed to pick it up you tell me the wrong parts arrived? Well go get a courier to go collect the part? It’s not that hard!

Their excuse was…we leave it in the box until we need it so it doesn’t get damaged? Duh? No common sense whatsoever!

Melbourne coming back to life! You can hire the little boats bring a picnic and steer it yourself.

You can see the floating bar on the right! On the left they’ve set up temporary outdoor seatings along the riverside.

My sister baked my dad a Pav! It was his birthday on the weekend. That’s why I couldn’t follow Mr Wanderer to Echuca for the Baptism. I’d wanted to. If I had a car that would have been doable.

Saw this sculpture today on my walkies. Not sure what it means?