The sun is out and today is a much cooler day. I caught the tram into the city for a cheap lunch. Udon, fried chicken and a vegie croquet for $8 and $4 dessert from a cafe. It’s like a fried doughy custard covered with maple syrup/icing.

I ended up walking home. To try and cancel out the bad stuff!

I sold my bike stand today! I also applied for a job. It’s a 2-3 days part-time position.

Anyhow getting bored! I need to work more or find a course to do. I should know in 2 weeks if I get an interview or not.

It’s a permanent position in a hospital near my old place. It’s near the kids and Mr Wanderer.

Tonight I’ll ring one of the girls that worked with me at the Women’s. She is working at another hospital and she told me to apply at hers.

The position will suit me perfectly as it’s what I’m used to. The pay will be good too. It’s a full time position though so I’m not sure. And it’s a 50 minutes drive from where I am. A bit shorter by toll. Makes for a very long day.

The thing is it’s a public hospital and it’s a permanent position thus I have job security.

Lots to think about. I feel like I’m at crossroads again. Why do I feel like this? Covid has kind of unsettled me. I’m fearful of what the future might bring?

I need to look for jobs to secure my future. More money won’t go astray either! Though I don’t really need it now. I’m scared with my one day a week now and not much clinical work I’ll lose my knowledge and it makes me quite unemployable.

This morning on the phone already showed me that. He asked me if I had experience elsewhere? As if my experience of where I am working now is not enough.

Thank goodness for my CV. I’ve been very careful where I worked to add to it. He was impressed where I’ve been and fingers crossed I’ll score an interview.

Mr Wanderer just told me he will be going to Bendigo more often to spend time with his parents.

I’m not sure where we are heading? Guess we will see.

If I go back to full-time I might never see him?

Waiting for my tram home. It’s coming at 9:49pm. We had dinner at 7pm and then went for a hot drink at Brunetti. It’s turned cold!

We like it as it’s midway for my kids and I. They turn right one block to go to Flinders St station to catch their train home and I turn left one block to go to Collins St to catch my tram.