Mr Wanderer left me a message on Wednesday night to say he’s going to the hospital to get his eyes checked.

Apparently he pressure sprayed petrol into them 😩

I saw him on Thursday for lunch and he looked worse for wear. He stayed with me til Friday morning and left to go to a site meeting.

I slept all day and pretty much woke up to sort out dinner for my kids. Which wasn’t much. I defrosted bolognese sauce that I made ages ago. Cooked some pasta and made a salad. Also heated some store bought garlic bread.

This morning I fed the kids breakfast and my son walked to the car dealership to meet his dad. He’s getting a car.

Meanwhile I went to see two opening for inspections with my youngest. We managed to buy some pastries for morning tea and she had just enough time to make a hot chocolate to have with her croissant before we headed off to the career adviser.

My milk frother works very well.

I left her to go home with her dad and I went to the market. It was lunchtime and I needed groceries. I rang Mr Wanderer. Verdict? He wanted fish.

Guess fish it is. It will be baked sea perch with ginger and soy again. We will have it with rice and vegies.

He’s pretty easy to please. And he loves soy and ginger.