So my youngest stuffed up! She wanted to study psychology to become a clinical psychologist.

Except when she put down her preferences she’s put down psychology sciences instead.

Well what do you expect? She’s 17 and stubborn as hell.

Today we went to the career adviser to try and fix up her mistake.

How the VTAC system works! The first round offer for university placement is around 5000! The second round is for probably 5?

So you always have to accept your first round and then tweak around your preferences to make sure you are eligible for the second round of offers.

Ie. she has to put her offer for the first round last to stay in the system.

Second round offers might be more this year if a lot defers!

Anyhow fingers crossed as for now she’s stuck with the sciences at Latrobe which will take her 1.5 hours each way to get there.

And since she’s only 17 turning 18 she can’t get her licence for awhile as she hasn’t started on her 120 hours as yet so no car!

It’s not the end of the world as Latrobe is pretty good! To get into the Honors program she would have to study hard to get a recommendation and then transfer in.

Worse comes to worse she can apply again in September for the following year’s intake. It’s not the end of the world.

Live and learn! My ex wanted me to take her today! So I told him I’ll drop her off as I’ve got an open I wanted to go to. He then pulled his finger out from where it doesn’t shine to join us! A miracle! All he had to do was to get one of his staff to come in.

One of my visitors. There are two of them. My lime tree is out of sorts. Needs some pruning except lately been feeling a bit down. No motivation what so ever. I haven’t got much done.

Mr Wanderer is coming over later as his housemate has his two kids, dad and brother staying over.