We went riding this morning. To where you might ask? To Fitzroy again.

When we were at my place he wanted to go to Fitzroy. Then half way he changed his mind and we headed to Carlton.

Carlton was a bit dead so we ended cutting across to Fitzroy.

From the bottom left we took the bike path along the light rail. Then we crossed the river and went along Swanston St which is the street before and runs parallel to Russell St all the way up to Carlton.

After that we cut across and rode along Carlton Gardens (near the hospital) then cut across again to go up Brunswick St (to the right hand side of hospital) to Rose St for our drink.

The cafe is on Brunswick St but further up. See the top right hand side? Where there’s a road running diagonally? It’s roughly in between that and the smaller street one running parallel below the freeway entrance.

I think we did about 20km today.

We sat outside as it was a nice day.

The cafe was quite big inside with a courtyard.

He had a coffee and I had a juice. Then we headed home for lunch. Left overs.

He’s since gone to sort out his rental. I’m still deciding should I go for a drive or not? Or to Bunnings?

I promised him basil chicken for dinner tonight. The other night we had Thai take away and he was like oh I won’t have basil chicken because yours is much better.

Before he left he took out my rubbish for me. We had our 1 year anniversary when he was away!

Can’t believe it’s been one year. Where did the year go? As for us I’m more confident now that we’ll be okie.

Sweet lips? He called me sweet lips today 😂