He’s gone! We both woke up early! I fed him breakfast and tea. And he’s gone to a site meeting. His boss wants him to have factory experience.

He had a clash with his boss around Christmas time. I suspect his boss is making things difficult for him. He’s a marketing person not a builder.

We went out for souvlaki last night as by the time he’s finished conversations with his bromances it was late. Too late to ride into the city for dinner. And since it’s a Monday night they all closed at 9pm.

We had the skewer plate and a chicken yeeros to share. It was a lot of food.

I made a card for his sister who’s turning 50 soon. He chose the flourishes as she likes travelling and cycling. I just put it all together for him.

Every morning he asks me what are my plans for today? And I usually reply I don’t know. The thing is I don’t have much on.

No tour guiding and no volunteering. My one day at the hospital is pretty much my social/intellectual outlet.

That’s my problem. Too much time on my hand. I’m floundering. Feels a bit stuck.

I need a project. Have been thinking lately to buy a house somewhere and do it up. Nothing structural. Just cosmetic.

The thing is do I buy it as an investment? Or do I upgrade my place?

To upgrade means a mortgage. And not sure if I could be bothered with that.

The reality is if I keep my apartment it will only be worth what it’s worth now. If I buy a house it will go up in value. Land always goes up.

So what do I do? Do I safe-keep my investment? And buy further out? Or do I live where I want to live?

If I want to live by the beach I probably could afford Frankston. It’s like being in the woop woop 😩 Houses in Melbourne are just through the roof!

Frankston is about 54-55km from the CBD (central business district) or roughly 34 miles.

For 600-700K you can buy a house on a block of 500-600m2 land.

In 1984 my parents bought a house in Noble Park on a 700-800m2 block for 42K. Back then a normal block is 600m2. Now it’s tiny.