I’m still in a rut!

Yesterday I took myself to Thanh Ha 2 in Richmond for broken rice. Thought I’d try out a new restaurant since my haunt in Box Hill is still closed for kitchen renovation.

Then my classmate from Cairns picked me up and we went for a walk in St Kilda.

Back to Port for a Margarita.

On a sun lounge looking out to the bay. After that we went for another walk.

I was saying how I’d wasted the whole day not achieving anything. My friend replied it’s a kind of meditation.

I went home after to change so I could meet the kids for dinner in the city.

Today I worked.

That’s me after 9.5 hours of work!

It was a nightmare of a day. I had no intern. Luckily I still had a tech. I was like what else can go wrong?

We didn’t have enough stock so had to borrow! And since we were so busy my tech couldn’t go thus we taxi cab charged it.

Our computer software kept on freezing so took forever to dispense!

Then I couldn’t get into any of the references because for some reason today it asked for a log in? We never had to log in before 😩

I was like what? Anyhow managed to print patient info leaflets from another website. Very lucky I didn’t have a drug information query today.

Had to chase up the doctors! They wrote funny orders like antibiotics when required? Or 20mL for a mixture when I can only give 50mL.

Or anti nausea injections for discharge? Instead of wafers?

When it’s busy all hell break loose.

By the time I hobbled to my car I had done near 14,000 steps.

It was up and down non stop. The day procedure unit is at the other end of the hospital.

This afternoon I was by myself from 3pm onwards and at one stage I was opening the door to the unit when they wanted some Panadeine ASAP. So off I went back down again to bring them some. They had teeth cases coming out and this particular anaesthetist had prescribed everyone Panadeine.

As soon as I thought I’d finished a script and delivered they would ring and say how come you didn’t dispense this?

Well ummm if you’d emailed it down I would have? I didn’t say that but I was thinking what the heck? So yet another trip to the unit.

In the end I left at 6pm on the dot. I did as much as I could for my in charge who’s on tomorrow!

Apparently it’s another busy day tomorrow.

I’m not looking forward to next week! I kind of volunteered to work the Monday as well and since Tuesday is a holiday I think I’m in for another hellish day.

If I ever want to work full time someone please remind me of today?

My knees are sore today from the many trips up and down the stairs.