I rang him before and it rang out again. Fifteen minutes later he picked up to say he will ring me back in 5.

I waited and it took him 15 to ring me back. We talked for about 5 minutes! I had to let him go as he was riding and in the sun! It’s hot in Bendigo.

Apparently he’s changed his plans. He’s not going to join his parents at their time share in NSW.

He’s still in Bendigo trying to cheer his sister up and will go to Echuca tomorrow then will head back to Melbourne on Monday.

He’s promised me dinner on Monday night. He said he’ll cook for me. Which is quite nice of him since it’s a long day for me as I’ll be at work.

My dinner tonight. Makes me miss him more! Too much food.

The other day I spotted his firearm licence renewal notice and I freaked out. I don’t date guys with guns just in case they are psychos.

He just laughed. Apparently when he was younger he used to go shooting a lot. Then he’d bring the goods home for his mum to cook like ducks and rabbits! He also culled foxes etc Anyhow if he let it lapse it’s very hard to get it back.

Must be since the Port Arthur’s massacre gun licences are hard to come by.


He’s also got a gun stashed somewhere! I’d better ask him. I’m sure it was a gun and not a rifle!

He joked I’ll be able to protect you if something happens!

How cool is this? They just air drop tonnes of seeds in bushfire areas to regenerate.

*** found this in the draft folder this morning..better late than never..