This morning I went to opens. He worked at home and then went to pick up his AC. Last night he didn’t know if he could get to mine for lunch.

He did manage to..just! He was early. He got to me at 1:12pm.

We had lunch and then went to bed. Only to get up around 4pm. I gave him a back massage. He made me happy today. We did it sans condom!

He’s since gone to a business dinner slash meeting. I took myself to the market.

The marinara only came as a double serve. I tried but only could finish half. I walked home with the rest!

I sorted out his suitcase for him. It’s what he has in his Ute. As he’s always travelling around.

I also packed his cargo bag with what he might need.

His overalls looks dirty but it’s clean. He loves it and lives in it.

Him being out to dinner gave me a chance to mend it for him.

Tomorrow morning I’m picking my parents up to go to my aunty’s for a birthday. He’s off to go sort out his rental then on to Bendigo.

As for me on Monday I’m volunteering at the community kitchen. Hopefully he’ll be back on Monday since he’s got to be in the office by Tuesday.

We are making it work.

My youngest asked me if I’ve got plans for Valentine’s Day. I replied no. Mr Wanderer is not a lovey dovey guy.

I guess him spending time with me means he cares for me. I just have to take it as that. That he cares!