I went to a birthday yesterday. My little niece turned 2. She’s such a cutie.

Because of our recent COVID restrictions only 15 visitors were allowed per household. My cousin ended up cancelling the party on FB and only family members were re-invited so her friends wouldn’t get offended.

I was a bit annoyed at Mr Wanderer. He rolled in from dinner with his boss around midnight. I hardly slept on Saturday night since I woke up twice to check if he was home. And since he drank heaps he woke me up each time he went to the loo!

He knew I had to leave around 10:30am on Sunday to go pick up my parents yet we didn’t get up til 8:30am.

I made breakfast and thought we could squeeze in a walk! Well that didn’t happen as by the time he’s finished his cuppa it was like near 10am. And to make it worse it was raining! That man can fluff!

He must have seen my annoyance. As a compromise we ended up walking to a cafe around the corner to order our coffee thinking it’s a quick one! Well they were busy and we didn’t get our coffee til near 10:30am.

I ended up being late with my parents! Didn’t get there til 11:17am. I rang them as I got out of my apartment building.

I hate being late!

Anyhow it was nice catching up with my extended family. Though not keen of the mum and daughter talk in the car. She was like you’re too old for me to lecture but…You’ve already had a failed relationship. Don’t avoid the watermelon peel to end up with a coconut shell.

My aunty has land! She’s got a few acres. This is her enclosed orchard! It’s netted to prevent the birds from getting to the fruits. They were ripe to pick except for the figs and grapes.

After the party I drove mum and dad home. Had dinner with them and left. Didn’t get home til after 9pm.

Another sleepless night. I must have ate something bad! Was in pain all night! Feels a bit better today.

Felt happier today. I always do when I feel useful. I volunteered at the community kitchen. Due to COVID our concept has changed. Instead of cooking meals and serving we now turn to support other charities.

We made 11 take away containers of vegetable soup and 4 orange cakes in 3 hours.

It is to support a great group called You Matter. A domestic violence support group. They find furniture and bedding to furnish a place. When a family move in they also give them a meal to help out. That’s where we come in.

It’s going to be a monthly commitment. We cook and then we pack and freeze the food. When they need it they just defrost.