Our dinner last night to go with a salad. I ended up with these plus three more bamboo skewers from 2 big porterhouse steaks.

Mr Wanderer carted these, all 12 of them for a month in his backpack all the way from Turkey! On the way in, Custom officers didn’t let him. They thought they were weapons!

Anyhow he told them they were fair dinkum skewers and he couldn’t wait til he get home to have a BBQ!

Some people are…fill in the gap!

Last night I felt frustrated. I wanted to spend time with him but ended up sharing him with every man and his dog!

First he was on work calls til 6:30pm despite him saying he’d be free by 5:30pm.

Then he left me to sort out dinner to go do whatever. After that as soon as we sat down to eat his housemate came back and so joined us.

All night I wanted to just have him to myself. And well that didn’t happen.

Two steps forward..one step back.

My next project. I’m getting my built in robes redone. Mr Wanderer told me I should save up money to buy a house.

I’m like not yet. Now that I’ve decided to stay I want my place to be comfortable.

May be I’ll buy a little place somewhere..may be! If little Ms V can save up 😂