My cousin was like it’s very easy to buy a property yet very hard to sell!

I’m like nah there’s a right price for everything! If you lower someone will buy but I didn’t dare say that!

It also goes for relationships. Very easy to get married and yet to divorce is hardship! And a very lengthy process.

I went to the bank last week and I’ve still got joint accounts with my ex! 4 of them! And we’ve been divorced for nearly 2 years now!

It’s not that it matters as it’s his money not mine. That is until I try to get a loan! The business is still registered in my name! And with it an overdraft! And the banks don’t like it that I still have debts under my name!

Talked to him and he was like the accountant said he could write me a letter to say they are not mine! Yeh right. As if any court or bank would believe that?

So on Wednesday I dragged him to the bank to sort it out.

He had to open a personal bank account to transfer all the money over. Which could happen there and then. After that to apply for a business one so they could transfer the merchant bit over.

As for the overdraft the lovely lady at the bank (not) told us the overdraft will disappear once the business account is closed in a month’s time!

I was like no! You need to vary it now! Like today! So we both signed the variation form to zero amount. It will force him to apply for a new one under his own name!

I was livid at how frustrating the whole process was. Why didn’t they tell us the whole rigmarole? Like 2-3 years ago when I tried to close them?

As I blog 2 has been closed. The master card one will close next week since it’s been on hold. The business one now only got $2.40 in it and will close once they can transfer the merchant over and will go on hold for the month.

I was hoping to start the Lunar New Year with everything sorted out but guess not. Oh well here is to a new beginning. Another chance to start over.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Keep safe and be happy. A roof over your head, plenty of food on the table, laughter and love all around.