Or was it greed? They spent money to hold the Australian Open! And then what? That brought in COVID, UK strain no less.

So now Melbourne is in lockdown again for 5 days! Our Lunar New Year ruined! No family gatherings whatsoever.

5 days of 5km radius, only allowed out for 4 reasons , essential work, medical, groceries, giving care and 2 hours of exercise. Masks to be worn outdoor and indoor! Exception of own home.

That is if we are lucky! Who knows? It might be more than 5 days.

I’ve just read the newspaper. It sounds dire. They seem to think the outbreak is out of control! And looks like it might be our third wave! I hope not!

Can’t handle anymore lockdown.

***edit it was a returned Aussie from overseas not from the tennis..they used a nebuliser.