I was pruning in the front garden when I caught his neighbour coming back from his walk.

He had a coffee and a bunch of roses for his wife. He was like you shouldn’t be working! It’s Valentine’s Day.

I replied we don’t really celebrate as Mr Wanderer is not the lovey dovey type!

He was like it’s okie if you don’t mind! I told him I do mind but it’s who he is and I just have to accept it.

Later on he must have called him as Mr Wanderer replied thanks for the hints!

I wonder what he’s said?

I’m now home. Spent last night at his place.

He’s a little monkey all right. Look at him? Scared the hell out of me.

The aftermath!

I sorted out the front. It’s looking a whole heaps better. What does one do with lockdown? Tidy up of course!

We cycled to his friend’s place. I rode his sister’s old mountain bike. He had a spare helmet as well. We bought our coffees and went for a short walk.

After that I went to grab lunch. He gave me money for groceries.

I love murals

Lots of cyclists out and about! And people walking! That’s what people do. No one questions you on a bike!

We had salad sandwiches with some lamb from the souvlaki place. And topped it off with some cantaloupe with our cuppa.

Mr Wanderer is coming over later for dinner. I still haven’t decided what to cook. Guess I’d better get off my back and go grab groceries.

Let just say I’m still in bed! A bit emotional. Not sure why! May be it’s hormonal. May be it’s Valentine’s Day?

May be it’s the fact I heard him and his friend discussing a ride for Labour Day weekend! Which means he won’t be around. I was hoping we’d be going away. Guess not now!