I took myself out to lunch. Tried out a new place in Richmond! Called La Chanh.

$12.50 for a bowl of noodles and a Thai milk tea. They were giving out free drinks with their meals.

The city was busier than normal well Covid normal. Must be people feeling like caged animals breaking out!

I was trying to support the hospitality businesses eating out all day.

After the chai latte I took myself to the bibimbap place for dinner.

The restaurant stuffed up. The guy next to me scanned in as table 5 then they gave the scanning thingy to me to scan in as table 5 too! I was thinking ummmm..

So when his food came out I was like oh looked like he ordered the same as me! Until my food came out and it’s not what I’ve ordered 😂

He didn’t realise they served him the wrong meal as it’s the first time he’s eaten there. He told me later on he was wondering where his meat was? 😂 as I ordered vegetarian 😂

Found out he’s a scaffolder from Torquay 😂 anyhow we had a nice chat.

He said to me nothing lasts forever! Just enjoy being in the moment! He did ask me where I worked 😂 in hindsight probably shouldn’t have told him. He doesn’t know my name or that I only work there one day a week though so no harm 😂 I think he’s probably wanting a lover whilst he’s in Melbourne since he commutes to Melbourne for work! Because he told me he has a partner 😩

The driver got hot whilst waiting for a tram to past us he went outside! No AC in these old trams!

The beach!

I feel like the most luckiest girl to live so close to the beach!

I should be working on my resume! Should apply for another job! If I can be bothered!