He gave me two choices yesterday. One was to go to his place to work on my clothesline. I needed him to weld me a part so I can tarp my clothesline.

The other was to head into Abbotsford and Fitzroy to go wandering.

Of course I chose to go wandering.

I didn’t take much. Pity it’s been tagged over.

This one is better. By the same artist. You can see their name on the right upper corner.

We had coffee, walked, had lunch and more coffee. We spent all morning in record stores. Also learnt about record players and which one was what.

He drove me home after and left for his place to pack for Horsham.

Not sure when he will be back. He assured me it will be Friday. I doubt it knowing him.

So I just said look let me know. If you’re staying for the weekend I’ll drive up and join you on Saturday.

Feels like an old married couple. It’s a pity we couldn’t go away. But I had a get together with my friends today and we tend to book months ahead for our get together.

Our views

It’s just spectacular.

I drove as the birthday girl likes to drink. My other friend is usually the designated driver because she doesn’t drink but she’s been having dizzy spells lately and thus I offered.

We lunched at the Cape Kitchen. As we walked in they had a sign up fully booked.


We opted for a three courses lunch.

How cool is this?

I’m home now missing Mr Wanderer. I miss holding hands when we sleep. I miss kissing and all the cuddling.