He’s come to quote for my BIR except he kind of bowled me over. He didn’t like my design saying if that’s the case I’d have to get new doors and then it would cost around 5K.

Anyhow to keep my doors would be cheaper and it just needs a bit of reorganising.

So he’s drawn up his design. After he left I had another look at mine and compared to his! He hasn’t given me enough shelves.

I’m like oh oh. Thus have texted him to ask him to redraw.

Have also booked a handyman to come in to strip the BIR for me.

Was feeling bluey this morning. Got a headache that won’t go away. Not only that who ever upstairs is either very heavy or thumping on purpose!

Lately I can’t sleep! Driving me nuts! I keep on hearing footsteps!

The photo above is of a sky rail. To remove railway crossings they have either built stations in ditches or above.

I don’t like them. It was very blowy and cold up there.