They sure got their money’s worth today. The hospital was a madhouse! They must have been catching up post COVID and lockdown.

I haven’t seen it this busy in years? I got my 10,000 steps just running around and that’s with two interns in tow.

I didn’t have a tech today and in place a new spanking intern. At least she was a help today. I did end up ordering stuff that I used or else they won’t have anything tomorrow.

My built in wardrobe guy is terrible to deal with. He doesn’t listen! Anyhow still no revised drawings from him.

I might give him the flick! Can’t deal with incompetence today!

Mr Wanderer was no help either. He wanted me to ring my ex brother in law to give his housemate a quote on the painting.

I wrote back his housemate needs to ring him. I’m not doing his dirty work. Already got him the phone number!

Yes today certainly shows who he values more. Not me! Days like today I wonder why I’m with him? Feels like a rebound. Rebound from my ex! He was the same!

My upstairs neighbour is being very noisy. I’m over it living in an apartment. Don’t know what the hell she’s doing up there. Thumping all day long.

I never had a problem before! Only just recently. A new face! And I know it’s a she from her car stacker position!

Anyhow time for bed! A brand new day tomorrow. May it be bright and sunny.