Have sent off two sms this morning! The wardrobe people quoted me 2K for internals ie 5K if I wanted doors. I’m over it since he wanted me to commit without telling me how many shelves or drawers I’m getting!

Then the guy he recommended costed $420 to just get rid of the old bits. I mean one shelf unit and a shelf! That’s a bit rich!

So on to plan B. I’ve reconfigured it myself. I’ve bought a 2000mm high wardrobe insert from Bunnings. Including delivery it’s $300. The sides I’ll use to prop up my top shelf. That way at 2 metres high I can add in another rail down the bottom.

The shelves I’ll use to fill up my existing shelving units.

Whola! Done for $300 instead of 2.4K. I’m over dealing with shonky businesses.

Mr Wanderer has offered to help me with the handy work.

He’s still in Horsham. He’ll let me know this morning where we are heading to. His friend wants to go fishing.

At the moment it can be anywhere! Ocean Grove, Portland, Robe (South Australia) or Horsham.

**Map from Google map.

You can see where the towns are. Ocean Grove is near Geelong. I’m hoping it’s Ocean Grove! As the other three options are too far a drive from Melbourne.

As for the money saved I’m going to buy my youngest a bike. From where she is to get to uni it’s an hour’s walk! Or 45 minutes by train and bus or a 15 minutes bike ride.