Me waiting for him yesterday!

Found a box for his tea! Well two! One for his Ute and one for his caravan.

We went bushwalking at Woodlands Historic Park. There’s a few trails but it was getting late so we only did one!

Plus Mr Wanderer didn’t have any lunch since he rushed about to get his stuff done so we could go hiking. He ended up with an apple in the car around 5pm and a muesli bar on the walk.

The trees were all very old and funny looking.

And yes! When one can’t travel one can only watch!

We BBQ with my little Weber.

Trout with mushroom, onions and vegies..I decided to try something new! Zucchini, squash and pumpkin and no carbs.

We ate it all! The Weber was a pain! It took forever to heat up. We used most of the water in the Thermos to cook the vegies!

We got home just in time to watch a bit of Kingsman (Golden Circle) before bed.

Poor thing he was buggered! We went to bed around 11pm.